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Driveway Cleaning

From our base in Barnstaple, north Devon we can clean and seal all types of driveways. Although most of the requests are for block paving cleaning, we will also clean imprinted concrete, tarmac and all types of paving slabs.

Because most types of block paved driveways are very porous they will soon attract all types of surface growth, such as moss, weeds, lichen and algae. On north facing driveways or shaded areas this problem tends to appear much quicker.

Our cleaning process uses a powerful flat headed rotary cleaner to wash off any surface growth. To ensure all the joints are cleaned thoroughly we will repeat the cleaning process with a powerful lance to remove any remaining dirt.

Driveway cleaning and sealing is done in 5 stages:-

  1. The paved area is pre-treated with fungicidal wash or weed killer
  2. Oil or grease stains are pre-treated and removed
  3. The entire driveway is pressure cleaned 
  4. The driveway is re-sanded ( block paving only)
  5. Protective paving sealers are sprayed onto the paving.

With many years experience in driveway cleaning in north Devon, we are very confident you will be pleased with the level of service we provide. Applying the sealer will protect the paving and keep it in optimum condition with minimal maintenance.

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If you live near Barnstaple in north Devon and have a driveway that needs cleaning and sealing, please call 0800 988 0348 for a FREE quotation or make your enquiry online.